Lemont Police Department Citizens’ Police Academy/Alumni

The Lemont Police Department Citizens’ Police Academy  is a program designed to educate members of the Lemont community about law enforcement through various methods of instruction including lectures, activities, discussions and scenario training.  The program is used to educate the public about the necessity of a positive community/police relationship and promote a better understanding about law enforcement and how police officers work within the community. It consists of a series of interactive classes held once a week, on a designated evening.  The instruction is comprehensive and each week different units within the department are covered. The classes in law enforcement provide a fun and interactive way to educate and develop positive relations with our citizens. It is an ongoing process to build community cooperation, understanding, and good will.

Once a citizen graduates from the Lemont Citizens’ Police Academy, they can become a member of the Lemont Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni. Members may serve as ambassadors of the police department by donating their time to work on community projects with the police department. Volunteers can continue to get an insider's view into law enforcement by sharing the same values and guiding principles of the police department.      

A background check will also be conducted on each applicant. Classes are held at Lemont Police Department

No classes are scheduled at the present time.