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The Lemont Police Department does its best to stay connected with other local Police Departments to ensure a safe and prosperous community.
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Crime Prevention

The Lemont Police Department is always prepared to stop crime. Although this is the case, it is important that Lemont residents stay up to speed with the latest ways to prevent various crimes. Click here to learn more.

Domestic Violence Resources

Violence at home touches everyone within the home regardless of age. The Lemont Police Department is committed to creating and fostering a departmental and community-wide understanding of the issues and dynamics surrounding domestic violence. These web pages provide victims of domestic violence information about resources available to them to help stop the cycle of abuse. Click here for help.

Firearms In Lemont

The Village of Lemont follows both the Federal and State regulations regarding firearms. It is important that the proper laws are followed to ensure a safe environment for the citizens of Lemont.
Firearm Owners Application

Sex Offender Registration Search

It is important to keep the children of Lemont safe from people who could possibly do them harm. The Lemont Police provides various resources to keep our children safe. Click here more information.

Neighborhood Watch
A Neighborhood Watch group is an association of neighbors who look out for each others’ families and property, alert the police to any suspicious activities or crime in progress and work together to make their community a safer and better place to live. 
Neighborhood Watch Program