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Lock It or Lose It
Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips

     Lemont has again been experiencing some recent thefts from unlocked vehicles in Lemont neighborhoods.  The thefts are committed by juveniles who travel the interstate system victimizing the communities close to interchanges.  We typically see these crews in the areas bordering the expressway.  As those areas become target-hardened due to residents diligently locking their vehicles, the thieves are moving inward to subdivisions where unlocked vehicles are more prevalent. 

The theft crews only target vehicles that are unlocked and the thieves grab what is accessible.  Additionally, they only utilize stolen vehicles to travel from location to location and will commit crimes in several suburbs during one night.  They occasionally steal vehicles if they find keys inside the vehicle, and utilize those stolen vehicles for their raids on the days immediately following the theft. 

The Lemont Police Department has been increasing presence in the neighborhoods targeted by these crews, but we ask residents to assist us in protecting your possessions.  We want to again encourage residents to "Lock It or Lose It".  Please lock vehicles that are parked outside overnight.  Close the garage door.  Do not leave keys inside an unattended vehicle.  If you observe any individuals who you don't recognize from the neighborhood, please contact the police by dialing 9-1-1. 

The crews canvass the areas looking for unlocked cards.  Once they attempt and realize a vehicle is locked, they are quick to move on.  Please remember to "Lock It or Lose It" to help us protect your vehicle. 

Below is a video shared from a Lemont resident.  It illustrates the tactics of the thieves, and highlights the effectiveness of just locking your car.

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